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Watch the Trailer for the New Pokémon Animated Show

Watch the Trailer for the New Pokémon Animated Show

Ash Ketchum met Pikachu in 1997 and for 25 years the iconic duo battled all across the Pokémon universe. The pair of heroes have encountered so many exciting Pokémon and met dozens of passionate trainers. From classics like Brock and Misty up to Dawn and Iris there was never a dull moment for the young boy with dreams of being the best there ever was. 


Now Ash’s journey has come to an end with him finally becoming the world champion. His battle with Leon was epic, and now as he hoists the trophy over his head we say goodbye.


The show must go on, and 2 new trainers are starting journeys of their own. Meet Liko “the girl with the awe inspiring pendant” and Roy “the boy with the mysterious Pokeball." Together with Professor Friede and his Captain Piakchu they will set off on their own adventures starting April 14th in Japan. 


It is unclear when the English dub will become available but I know thousands of American Pokémon fans will be dying to tune in. You can watch the Japanese Trailer with English subtitles here,

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