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Based on 457 reviews

PokéPlug POWER PACK - VINTAGE GOLD English Edition - 15 Cards - Holo Rare & More in Every Pack!

Pretty cool

Lots of fun opening these packs, got some good pulls

Love this set... pull rates are PAIN

Not the fault of the pokeplug and I actually got a few hits from the ones I purchased! This set is definitely not for the faint of heart though.

Got some great pulls for a great price during the preorder.

Fun and worth it

My son and I love going through pokemon cards and ripping packs. Had a blast for over a couple hour opening everything up and got some great charizard secret rare pulls.

Temporal Forces Sleeved Booster Packs

Great card!

Always find some great cards here! Lots of options. Definitely reccomended

Brilliant Stars Booster Packs


Package arrived nice and neat, as described. Will be buying from Poke-Plug again.

My son loved it!

My son was pleasantly surprised by the cards he found in your box. He really enjoyed opening each thing and looking at all the cards. Thanks

Pokémon Sealed Product + Mystery Boxes!

Great card!

Awesome card! Great condition! Can’t say enough about Pokémon plug! Great options!

Love this new game

Had a ton of fun opening packs and playing the. We game. 5/5 will buy again


Son love this store! Great for any Pokémon bosses child!

Great decks

Really surprised at how solid these decks are straight out the box. They're really unique and a lot of fun. It's tough to make upgrades cause you don't want to steer away from the flavor too much, but these have a good power level and are so fun to play. I love the rad mechanic

such a fun set

and almost every pack has an ex or better in it!

Great shop, great prices

Stumbled across this shop while searching for some cards to build a deck. Pokemon plug did not disappoint. Found what i wanted, received in a timely manner. Highly recommend Pokemon Plug.

Pokémon Sealed Product + Mystery Boxes!

Paldean Fates Tech Sticker Packs

These usually have pretty good pulls, hard to get rid of the black star promos though. Sticker are alright - just give those to the kids. Overall decent for the $

Octillery (TG03/TG30) [SWSH09: Brilliant Stars Trainer Gallery]

Extra small pokemon mystery box

Given it 3 stars because it's a great idea both me and my 7yr old son were super excited to receive it but it was just ok. I'm happy with it just was hoping for a little more.

I loved the box great new editions to my collection

Always surprised !!

Every time I order a Pokémon Plug mystery box I am surprised with a wide variety of different Pokémon products. They keep it very interesting with all kinds of sealed product, in great condition that is great for either sealed collectors, or open collectors. Very Happy with everything I get. Thanks Pokémon Plug.

Oranguru (TG12/TG30) [SWSH09: Brilliant Stars Trainer Gallery]

Abomasnow (TG01/TG30) [SWSH10: Astral Radiance Trainer Gallery]