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Based on 121 reviews

Shipped very fast and arrived in hawaii before UPS said it would!

A good seance starter deck

One of the better starter pre-built decks for Metazoo Seance. A little advanced game play for younger kids.

Better than expected!

Purchased a Graded - 1st generation Team Rocket Charizard in fantastic shape. actually nicer than I expected!! Thank you again guys!

cool relic of vintage pokemon

was a huge nostalgia trip

Not worth $150

I don't want to make this sound like this was a horrible purchase. I buy a lot of Mystery Boxes and you get what you get. Every once in awhile I'll get awesome pulls, boxes, and etc. But this box I got the basic of basic for $150. 2 Structure decks, Tactical Master booster box, GFTP2 box, an El Dorado box, and few I have forgotten, but my local Walmart was already selling all of the above and I am a huge collector to Yugioh and this box just literally gave me a stack of duplicates that I already had. I only gave it a 3 star for two reasons is because one I got a small and I mean a very small portion of new cards to add to my collection, but nothing worth no more than a few bucks. And reason two, is because I knew buying a mystery box is a hit and miss.

cool jumbo cards

too bad they dont fit in the giant card binders that the US has! theyre really cool display pieces

Japanese Pokémon - s12a - VSTAR Universe (Crown Zenith) Booster Boxes & Packs - PREORDER - RELEASE DATE 12/02/22 - WAVE 2 - SHIPS LATE DECEMBER/EARLY JANUARY
Ryan Katz


Kids love collecting these pins

My 6 year old loves opening the MetaZoo pin boxes to see if he got a new pin and MetaZoo card he hasn't collected yet. Even better if he gets a super rare!

Japanese Pokémon - s12a - VSTAR Universe (Crown Zenith) Booster Boxes & Packs - PREORDER - RELEASE DATE 12/02/22 - WAVE 2 - SHIPS LATE DECEMBER/EARLY JANUARY
Bella McCarthy
great set

absolutely love this set, wish it was a tad bit cheaper though since its a $50 product in japan

Normally, much better.

I've gotten a lot of these mystery boxes. Including the high value Pokémon ones. 90% you get a really fair and fun deal out it. Unfortunately, the last mystery box I got was full of a lot of unwanted things. 5 pre built deck boxes. A speed duel academy box. The only saving grace was a booster box and 2 ghost of the pasts 2 packs. I will probably buy a mystery box again but not for a while when there's a much better inventory.

Lost Origin Booster Box

Amazing set! Where pulling Alt. Art cards and holo cards. Son excited when he pull Pikachu Ash Alt card. This set is amazing!

MetaZoo great, Seance just ok, rainbow wizard good

Rainbow wizard deck is one if the better decks from Seance.

Love it

Cards were shipped well and the purchase process was easy

Charmander (46/102) [Base Set (Shadowless)]

Very nice product

Great shipping

Ordered several cards. Not all ended up being in stock, but the ones that were arrived quickly and were well packaged to protect the cards. They were all sold as NM and I couldn’t find anything wrong with them. Will order from here again.

Small and medium mystery box

I got some great pulls and what I believe to be great value for what you get. I have bought 2 boxes now I will be buying more


Legit and great packaging and fast

MetaZoo great, Seance just ok

Seance is an "ok" set, not as good as UFO was.

Charizard (4/102) [Base Set (Shadowless)]


Really fun series, Japan always makes the best looking cards and you can count on these guys to have them for sale at a solid price!

great set

packaged nicely with great hits

really good

came in fast with no issues or damage