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Based on 206 reviews
Scarlet and violet is so so

Scarlet and Violet is an ok set, not that exciting compared to some other recent set releases.

great pull rates

got lots of good stuff, much better pull rates than how bad early SWSH was

Japanese Pokémon - SV2D - Scarlet & Violet: Clay Burst (Paldea Evolved) - Booster Boxes & Packs - PREORDER - SHIPS LATE APRIL / EARLY MAY

It was meh….

I ordered the XL box and it was more let down than exciting… it was a mystery box so I won’t complain to much. Just lame product

cute bundle

bought for my friend, she really liked the pin

Amazing !

Came in quicker than expected and got some decent hits on my boxes.

It's just okay

I saw it on pokerev and was advertised as it will be a similar experience. But i was disappointed with the items as it was mostly stuff they couldn't get rid of their inventory. And the slabs were just random and from random grading company. Atleast the value was close to what i paid. Value was 1800 (based on current market price)and i paid 2k. I understand that there's always a risk when buying mystery boxes but i wouldn't necessarily advertised this as "the same as in the youtube." It was just okay but probably won't buy again.

Great Service and Product

Great price for a hot commodity ! Keeping that puppy sealed for the next 100 years! Arrived well packaged and promptly! Thanks!

As it says or better

Great packaging and fast Shipping. Cards are as the condition say.

Great card

Loved it so much I ordered more

Great first experience

Product arrived undamaged.
Stuff is very helpful get back to you pretty quick

Cool pokeball with the set

Got some really good pulls and love the pokeball

Great customer service

Good communication from vendor.

YuGiOh! Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition

Pokemon Silver Tempest

Silver Tempest is a good set with some cool V cards that the kids are working hard to collect for their play decks and binders.

XL mystery box

Was very happy with the variety off items!!

YuGiOh! Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition

Packaged well!

Packaged well!


Loved them so much I ordered some more just today

YuGiOh! Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition

Yu-Gi-Oh Nostalgia

Nostalgia….. that is all if you want to relive one of the greatest card games

Great value

I like the 3 pack for the value it offers

25th anniversary box

10/10 customer service and products

Pokémon Sealed Product + Mystery Boxes!