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Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet Card Rarity System

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet Card Rarity System


Scarlet and Violet is ushering in a new era of rarities and rarity symbols for both Japanese and English cards. The little symbol in the bottom left corner of the card is your indicator for how lucky you got. Here we're going to walk through them all so you're prepared for those crazy pulls. 

As usual there is the classic - Common “C”  Uncommon “U” and Rare “R”

These are the 9 normal cards you would find in every pack. In English they are referred to with Shapes:  Common (circle) Uncommon (Square) Rare (star) 

(Notice the shape in the bottom left)


Next up are your double Rare's “RR” These are your basic ex’s. Terrestialized cards fall under the same category even though they are textured.  In English they are represented with 2 black stars



Then there are Super Rares “SR” These are going to be you Full arts and textured ex cards. In English they are represented with a gold star 


Then there are Ultra Rares “UR” These are your gold cards, don't forget rainbow cards have been removed.




The newest addition from VSTAR Universe is the art rare “AR” and the Special Art Rare “SAR”. These are of course the exciting new alternate art cards that all Pokémon are getting now. They are special cards that show off Pokémon in the world that are not just posing. In English they are represented with 1 gold star and 2 gold stars respectively 



There are so many exciting changes to the Pokémon franchise in the coming months. stay tuned right here to hear about it all. And don't forget to buy all the Pokémon product you need at Nexgen games or online at pokemonplug.com


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