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Pokemon VSTAR Special Collection Box (Leafeon V-Star & Glaceon V-Star) - Brilliant Stars

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  • Tangle Up the Opposition or Raise a Crystal StarShield—with two Pokémon VSTAR Special Collections! See two of Eevee’s Evolutions in a stellar new light as they become Leafeon VSTAR and Glaceon VSTAR, bursting with verdant strength, freezing over the opposition, and able to disrupt your opponent’s best-laid plans with a once-per-game VSTAR Power! In these special collections, they’re ready to joinyour Pokémon TCG team, with Leafeon V, Glaceon V, Leafeon VSTAR, and Glaceon VSTAR appearingas foil promo cards—and you get an oversize version of Leafeon VSTAR or Glaceon VSTAR for display! You’ll also find booster packs and a VSTAR marker you can use in your next game.


    • 1 promo card featuring Leafeon V or Glaceon V
    • 1 etched promo card featuring Leafeon VSTAR or Glaceon VSTAR
    • 1 etched oversize card featuring Leafeon VSTAR or Glaceon VSTAR
    • 1 acrylic VSTAR marker
    • 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs
    • A code card for the new Pokémon Trading Card Game Live