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Japanese Pokémon - s5a - Matchless Fighters: Klara & Avery Special 2 Box Set

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Pokémon Center 2021 S5a Matchless Fighters series special booster box set. This was only available at the Pokémon Centers thru a special pre-order, back in December, 2020. It was released in March, 2021. This set was not sold in any toy stores or anywhere else.

The Set Contains:

2x S5a Matchless Fighters Booster Box (30 Packs x 2 = total 60 packs)
1x Klara Sleeve Protectors
1x Avery Sleeve Protectors
1x Klara/Avery Deck Storage Case
1x Extra Large Cardboard Storage Box (Holds up to 1400 cards)

Each booster box contains 30 packs. Each pack contains 5 cards. The full set of each series contains a total of 70 cards plus 14 SR, 8 HR and 4 UR cards (Total of 96 cards in each set). The series has some new Generation 8 characters as well as some of the older Pokémon characters.