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Pokemon TCG: The Value of Completion

Pokemon TCG: The Value of Completion

The Value of Completion

Is there any payoff to completing Pokémon TCG expansions? Many of the sets require that you collect 200 or more cards. Also, sets like Chilling Reign and Evolving Skies have some very popular alternate art cards that cost a pretty penny. Just like the value of a singular card, complete sets fluctuate. The majority of complete collections go for more than all the single cards combined. However, the margins of some sets are smaller than others. Here, were going to find if a complete Pokémon TCG expansion is worth more than the feeling of achievement. 

Lost Origin is the most recent set to be released at the time of this post. It has some massive cards such as the Aerodactyl alt and the Giratina alt. Together they value around $300.00 dollars. However, putting all the cards together significantly raises the value to $984.00 according to TCG Collector. This set has many desirable cards and it will be interesting to follow the value here over the next few years.




More popular sets have naturally increased in value since their release. Chilling Reign, for example, has 13 alternate arts V’s and VMAX’s. As the set fades out of print the cards become harder to find and more tempting to buy. The value has been going up for some time now. A complete set of cards is valued at $1276.00 dollars. Completionists who have these cards will be happy to know that their Blaziken alt is up to $133.00 and has been climbing rapidly. Chilling is the second most valuable set behind Evolving Skies (shocker) and for now it seems to only be growing. 




However, not every set earns hobby love. Vivid Voltage released in November of 2020 and did not feature any alt arts. Although the Amazing Rare cards were fun, they don't command the desire or prices that other cards do. The set’s rainbow and golden cards did not hold up and the total value of this set is a measly $365.00 dollars. The rainbow Pikachu is ⅓ of the total set value at $137.00




Full sets are exciting to accomplish but not all are worth doing so. With Silver Tempest and Crown Zenith coming soon the question is posed yet again to every collector. Is the collection worth completing? Only time will tell. 

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